Sunday 27 November 2011

Stripping out the varnish of the Burleigh Falls cedar-strip

Since the last posting, the weather has been cooperative, so I was able to strip out the varnish of the Peterborough Muskrat,

as well as both the interior and exterior of the Burleigh Falls cedar-strip.

The gray and weathered exterior did not need a lot of stripper, but the result left a lot to be desired. Several applications of bleach and two part cleaners removed most of the staining. I am letting the hull dry for only a day after the many applications of rinsing water. The swelling of the planking raises the wood around the nail-heads which are otherwise too close to the surface for any useful sanding of the hull exterior. Now I am able to get in a couple of hours of very careful sanding with 180 grit, knocking off the fuzz and raised grain.

Yesterday, I applied a couple of applications of hot 100% pure Tung Oil. The change this imparts never stops to amaze me; a warm amber cedar colour comes forward and the hot oil also swells shut much of the gaps between the planking. I apply oil until the dry planking can't absorb any more, followed by a rubbing down of the surface to remove any excess oil.

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