Tuesday 8 November 2011


The pictures below are of some canoes awaiting restoration over the next months. I will post about the restoration progress on each of them.

14' Peterborough Muskrat from the early 1950's. The next one into the shop. From a distance not too bad, it was recently skinned of its fiberglass covering.  A lot of buckled and split planking, a handful of cracked ribs, it will need new seats, inner gunnel repairs, new outer gunnels and of-course new canvas.

16' Chestnut Cruiser ?, but no markings on this one. However, I am pretty sure it is a Cruiser from the mid to late 1950's. Its last covering, a "Verolite" canvas, man what a stink when I started to pull off the covering.
There was hardly any canvas left, just the outer vinyl skin, the rest mildewed and rotted away. The rot has spread over the two top rows of planking and the rib ends are bad on almost the whole starboard side.


17' Burleigh Falls cedar-strip. Not too bad. The outside is badly weathered and it needs new gunnels and decks, but overall a pretty straight forward restoration.

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