Saturday 17 December 2011

Repair progress on the Peterborough Muskrat and Burleigh Falls canoes.

Where did the time go, it's more than three weeks since my last post? Well I've been busy.

Coamings, decks and king planks

The Burleigh Falls cedar-strip received two more coats of tungoil, repair and clean-up of the cedar decks and I made two new deck coamings as well as king-planks.

The Peterborough "Muskrat" has progressed well.

Oiled and varnished


Rubbing out filler

It is now dressed in new canvas, filled with quick drying soy-oil/silica filler.

Two coats of primer

I've primed it twice, the last primer coat coloured green. It got a couple of new ribs, a few minor backside rib repairs, about 50 ft. of new planking, stem repairs to both ends as well as repairs to the inside gunneltips. I also made a new bow slat-seat and repaired the stern seat.

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