Saturday 8 December 2012

Three Great Christmas gifts for outdoor folks!

Holiday Shoppers,
Check out these three new items. They aren't on our website yet, but will be soon.... to get an order in, email us at, call us at (705) 657-2601 or visit our store in Buckhorn. We will be glad to help.

Wetterlings Bushman Axe

The Bushman Axe is the result of a collaboration between "Survivorman" Les Stroud and world renowned Swedish axe-maker Wetterlings.

Wetterlings Bushman Axe
The Bushman Axe is unique as it is both an axe and a hammer. The wedge shaped head ensures good splitting power. It is great for chopping, felling and even some detailed work. The neck is a distinct hammer and good for driving pegs. The axe head is notched for your fingers so that you get a close grip for detailed work. The handle is long enough for  two hands when being used for heavy chores.

1.65 lb. carbon steel axe head.
22” hickory handle.
Leather sheath.
Price: $149.00 

The shipment from Wetterlings is on its way and is estimated to arrive around December 17. Call now to order your Bushman Axe.

Wetterlings redesigned Small Splitting Axe

Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe
Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe is redesigned with a more efficient head, a shorter hickory handle and a new quality 
tanned leather sheath with fastening strap.

Even-though a smaller size this is a powerful axe, made for the splitting of smaller logs and kindling.  Can be used single or double handed. Splitting axes are meant to split the log along the grain, not cut it, therefore the cutting edge is shaped at a fairly big angle and the sides of the bit is ridged. This makes splitting easier and ensures the axe does not get stuck in the wood.

2lb. Swedish carbon steel axe head.
18" Hickory handle.
Comes with a riveted leather sheath.
Price: $115.75

We estimate that the redesigned small splitting axe will arrive around December 17. Call now to order!

Svante Freden's Folding Reflektor Oven

Folding Reflector Oven
With this reflector oven you will be the most popular chef in the camp. Svante Freden makes these reflector ovens in his shop in Sweden. They are lightweight and durable and will provide many years of campfire baking. Bake muffins, cinnamon buns, pizza, bread - you name it. The possibilities are endless. This little ove works like a charm. It folds flat when not in use.

Open: 16" wide, 11" high and 9" deep
Closed: 13"wide x 9"deep x 1/2" thick
Price: $85.00 
Folding Reflector oven

Order over the phone or purchase directly in our store. 

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